Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nightdreamer magazine

One Saturday in August, Cassandra and I, after spending many hours working on the shop, decided to take a break and head down to one of our fave falafel joints for a quick bite. Upon entering, I went to order and Cassandra quickly excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned, she gave her order and then we just chit chatted away. A few minutes went by when the kind woman behind the counter quietly mentioned to Cassandra that her skirt was up in the back and tucked into her underwear for the whole world to see. In utter embarrassment, Cassandra quickly fixed her skirt, thanked the woman, and looked around with her red face to see if anyone noticed. No one in the restaurant seemed to show any signs of interest in her rear end, so we ended the moment in a giggle.
Embarrassing moment? Yes! But why mention it? Well, moments later, while paying for our delicious falafels, was our first encounter with Nightdreamer Magazine. Sitting on a news stand beside the ever popular, View Magazine, it caught our interest from the vibrant, colourful cover and curiosity had us pick one up and flip through the pages.
The glossy pages were adorned with articles about local musicians, artists and had several pages dedicated to candid photos of stylish club goers out and about in the Hamilton nightlife scene. And that was that, we grabbed our food, put the magazine back on the shelf, and continued with our day.

Fast forward to the end of September. Cassandra, while routinely checking her Facebook, noticed a new message. To her surprise, it was a message from a writer from Nightdreamer magazine asking if she could write a piece about us. We were excited and, in a way, honoured that our little etsy shop was being noticed and quickly agreed to the project. She sent us some questions, we answered them. Come mid-October, we had yet to see the new issue of the magazine, until Cassandra, out for some drinks at the local bar and grill, noticed that vibrant, colourful cover yet again sitting on a news stand. She shrilled with glee and quickly sifted through the pages. And there it was! Our little article about our little shop.



Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration