Friday, March 19, 2010

Lavender Lovely

Ohhh something about Spring brings out the romantic in me. It also brings out my love for anything and everything lavender. If you're in the fair-skinned club, like me, it's a great color choice in the ever dreaded pastel spectrum! It can vary from light to dark, but always adds a touch of tranquil, romantic bliss! Check out some lovely lavender finds from Etsy!

From top left to right: Opacity 8" x 12" Fine Art Print by MarianaMegre
Sexy Leather Lilac Gold and Cork 1970s High Heels by BlendedSplendid
Flirty Skater Dress by SpiritDitch
Katharine Flower Tank Dress by Liorla
Fields of Lavender Dress by AdelaideHomesewn
Vintage 80s Good Morning Glory Blouson Sundress by hellcatvintage
Bella's Gilded Rose Flower Necklace by shopJoliette


Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration