Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dream a little dream

The other night I had my first ever thrift shopping panic dream.
I'm in a thrift store and I find the most AMAZING vintage blouse. It's sheer, nude colored with little black polka dots, puffy short sleeves with black piping on the ruffled edges (I have never seen this blouse before in my life but I feel like I know it seam to seam.) I try it on and it fits perfectly so now I NEED TO BUY THIS BLOUSE! I head to cash register and the man at the counter tells me that they are closed and he has already counted his till. WHAT!?!? I beg and plead with him and all he can do for me is put it on hold for tomorrow. At that point I pick up his stapler and a few other items on his desk and whip them at his head. Let's just say the rest of the dream ended quite violently.

I really hope this doesn't become a deja vu moment.

On another note, check out these items that will be newly listed at the last hurrah this week....


Mod Elle said...

I've had similar dreams. Even had dreams where I fought with other customers over a dress or blouse. Its ridiculous but also cool to see the "vintage of your dreams" (the clothes I found also were not any I had ever seen in waking life).

Hollie said...

i NEED that skirt.

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