Monday, June 7, 2010

Back drop

When we first started the last hurrah, one of our biggest setbacks was where to take our pictures. We tried to do the "indoor against the wall" shot at my house but clear wall space proved to be difficult to find. We tried Cassandra's apartment that had a huge clear wall with pretty hardwood floors but the lighting was awful. We came to the conclusion that outdoor pictures not only looked way better but we had so many great options for back drops. My house has great red brick and a large covered porch for those rainy days and it's right beside an alley that has very unique houses hidden in it. Every photo shoot we try to use a variety of backdrops:

The good ol' porch!

The neighbors house in a light cream colored brick and some random stains on the wall. This ones tricky because to the left is an ugly yellow thing covering wire and to the right is a grate. Nothing a little skilled cropping can't handle. We choose this spot often because it's close to the front door for those cold days!!

One of our favorite spots!! This is one of the houses in the alley. The house is so funky and we think the backdrop makes the pictures look European. The alley is very narrow so when a car comes through, we do the "Car!" yell and squeeze against the wall.

This green house is next door to the yellow one and we've just used it for the first time on our last photo shoot. The reason is because a car is usually parked in this spot. Too bad because we LOVE how it turned out!

This is a brick building near the end of the alley that is so old and beautiful. We've heard it was once an old orphanage and it's haunted! Now it's an apartment building. We like this spot because the change in brick. We don't like this spot because it's a little bit of walk away.

We've only used this spot once, the side of someone's garage. We like the grey brick but the area smelled of dog poo so we haven't gone back!!


Erin said...

You two are so adorable... lurking in your neighbours' backyards! haha! If you ever want a rooftop patio as a backdrop, you're welcome anytime at my place.

Kelly Fillion said...

Great photos, love them!

Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration