Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White Elephant

This weekend was the James St. N. art crawl and we had two important reasons to go. The first reason was MANNY TRINH (in which we will post about very soon!) and the second was WHITE ELEPHANT!

White Elephant is an adorable little vintage shop owned by Hollie & Jane, who we are lovingly envious of. This shop has been a staple on the James St. N circuit for a while but they've just moved locations to a bigger and better space across the street and this was their GRAND OPENING!

We absolutely adore the new shop and they inspire us to take the leap and open up a shop of our very own. While we think it would be impossible to accomplish it, they help us realize that it is possible. We'll see, we'll see.....



Erin said...

White Elephant is my favourite store in Hamilton! They're an inspiration to me too. It's my ultimate dream to have a store of my own!

Kelly Fillion said...

I love that store, they have great style and lots of creative ideas and did a great job on the store layout, that would be the store I want to open with lots of handmade touches. Their blog is very well done too! James St. has really come a long way!

Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration